10 Exercises to Increase Breast Size Naturally and Fast

10 Exercises to Increase Breast Size Naturally and Fast: Exercise is the main part if you want to increase your breast naturally. Daily exercise will increase your strength as well as beauty. If you want to increase breast’s size as well as beauty, then there are 10 exercises will share today that helps you to achieve your breast beauty goal.


Before start one thing you have to keep in your mind, do it daily and don’t skip even a single day. If you are loosing motivation, then read books and watch some motivational videos because this is not an easy task to achieve.

So, talking about exercises. Here are 10 exercises that will definitely help you to increase your breast size naturally. Read properly and follow daily.

10 Breast Enhancement Exercises:

We are sharing 10 exercises that directly effect the breast and pop the breast size in a week if doing daily. So, here is the list:

1.) Push Ups:

Push ups are always counted as the best exercise to increase chest and back of the body. For women, this is a golden exercise to increase breast size. By doing daily 3 sets of push ups, you can get big changes in size of your breast within a week.

double-stop-push-upTry these pattern every day. Here is the best pattern to do for first month daily.

Set 1: 10 Push Ups

Set 2: 5 Push Ups

Set 3: 10 Push Ups

These 3 set package of push ups can help you to gain strength as well as and after doing this for 1 month, you will see difference in size of your breast.

This is one of the effective way but difficult also. You have to take your whole body weight up and down using your both hands. If you feel difficulty, try to knee while doing push ups.

2.) Wall Push or Wall Push Ups:

This is also similar to Push Ups. Difference is that you have to push wall instead of earth. Put your both hands on the wall while stepping back your foot and make an angle. This exercise is easy to do because its a like of stand exercise.

Wall Push Ups.jpg

Try to do this for every single day. Make your daily motivation and do this with same 3 sets way.

Set 1: 20 Wall Push Ups

Set 2: 10 Wall Push Ups

Set 3: 20 Wall Push Ups

Do these 3 set package of wall push ups for first month and increase according to strength each month. Check out the difference in your breast’s size every month.

3.) Dumbbell Flys:

This is the 3rd exercise. In this exercise you required a light weight set of dumbbells having weight maximum 5KG(for beginners). In starting, this exercise is not easy to do because you may loose balance of hands, but will get control in next days.

Dumbbell-Flyes.jpgLay down on earth or bench, take both dumbbells and start taking hands up and down (as mentioned in the picture). Do the sets.

Set 1: 10 Dumbbell Flys

Set 2: 5 Dumbbell Flys

Set 3: 10 Dumbbell Flys

Do these sets for first 1 month and increase next month according to strength. Try not to go pro because it may took pain in your arms.

Do this for 1 month and calculate the progress by calculating the breast health and size.

4.) Reverse Dumbbell Flys:

 Difficult for beginners, this exercise is not an easy to do job. For the first time try to do it right not maximum times. This exercise requires a set of light weight dumbbells maximum weight 5KG.

reverse-dumbbell-flysFirst bend your back but not but and make a position like you are going to pick some heavy stuff (just link in image). Then take your dumbbells and start fly slowly and easily with control. Do not loose the control. Do in sets.

Set 1: 5 Reverse Dumbbell Flys

Set 2: 5 Reverse Dumbbell Flys

Set 3: 5 Reverse Dumbbell Flys

Do it for one month as a beginners and start with trying to control balance while exercise.

Do this for 1 month and calculate the progress by calculating the breast health and size.

5.) Elevated push ups:

This exercise is also not to do easy task. Try to do with less strength first because this exercise requires balance. You can use a chair for this exercise at home. But don’t go pro trying to put all strength at once.

Elevated push ups.jpgSimilar like push ups but difficult. With the same positioning as push ups your legs must be parallel to your body while balancing on both hands. Go down slowly and then up again slowly. Do not push fast or you will be injured.

Set 1: 5 Elevated push ups

Set 2: 5 Elevated push ups

Set 3: 5 Elevated push ups

Do in sets and if you not able to do 5, do less and record the count in order to increase in future and make a difference.

Do this for 1 month and calculate the progress by calculating the breast health and size.

6.) Chest Dips:

This is an easy exercise to do. Chest dips not only effect the chest part but also put an effect on back body. It also increase your triceps and make them in shape. you can do this exercise by using a bench or a chair.

breast-enlargement-exercise-chest-dips.jpgEasy to do just take your hands on the bench while in sitting position in air (just like in picture). Go down and up slowly and make each count. Not go fast and pro in beginning and do in sets.

Set 1: 20 Chest Dips

Set 2:10 Chest Dips

Set 3: 15 Chest Dips

Do this for 1 month and increase the number according to your strength each month.

7.) Palm Pressing:

This is also an effective exercise for breast health. For any age this exercise is best to pick. You just have to press your palm one at a time and repeat this process 25 times. Simple but very effective to increase breast size and beauty.


A beautiful and simple exercise to do at any time at home or even in your office or outdoors. Do this for one month and check the results.

8.) Elbow Extension Exercise:

Effective exercise to increase breast size easily. This exercise is adopted by many women and they give big response about effects of this exercise. Very effective and easy to do exercise.

You just have to expand your elbows as much as possible to take effect. For best and fast results repeat this whole process 25 to 30 times and check out the results in the month end.

9.) Arm Circle:

Easy to do exercise but very effective in order to increase breast size naturally. This exercise requires dumbbell set maximum size 5 KG. Take those dumbbells and start circling arms slow and easy.

arm-circles.jpgCircle arms slow and easy 10 times in one set for first month. Also do in sets like 15-10-15. The best way to do this exercise is with dumbbells, but if you want to do this with empty hand, then their is no problem. Just circle your arms and do in 3 sets 30-20-30(with empty hands).

With Dumbbells: 15-10-50

Empty Hands: 30-20-30

Do if first month and increase the numbers according to strength and practice.

Do this for 1 month and increase the number according to your strength each month.

10.) Adapted Push Ups:

This also an another type of push up and also effective and easy to do among all of the type of push ups. Check out the instructions in below given image and follow every day to increase breast size naturally.


Do this for 1 month and increase the number according to your strength each month.


Women loves to be beautiful and love to look beautiful more than other women. Breast is one of the main part for them and health of that main part is also important. These are 10 most effective and beautiful exercises that will help you to increase your breast health and beauty.

Do these exercise daily and make your breast beautiful and big in size you want to do.

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